To my english readers

This is a Portuguese speaking blog, sorry about that.

But, my new friend Helena made me think about it for a moment. If you suffer from the same problem as her, i.e., not having a clue what this weird, modern latin language says throughout this site here’s a little summary:

Alla Prima is a São Paulo based just formed electro-rock band. We all have different backgrounds, but mostly they include music, design, illustration, fashion, programming and the alike. That’s why we post here a variety of stuff, not only music. Of course everything ends up in music in a way or another.

Right now we’re in the middle of the recordings (keyword for our portuguese posts: “gravação”) of our début album, from the indie label Objeto Sonoro.

From now until the completion of the CD we’ll be posting here a lot about it. The first one was the guitar sessions, featuring myself.

Apart from that we have a lot of entertainment for when we are just bored:

  • Empréstimo Autoral Paralelo means: Parallel Authoral Borrowing and features someone who has little connection to Alla Prima but does something very cool with sounds. To this date we have posted one. Two more are in the oven.
  • Opensource Cover was conceived in english so it’s pretty straightforward. We have done two so far: #1 and #2. There are none scheduled, but feel free to send us suggestions.
  • If my english readers haven’t noticed we do a lot of programming work as well. For instance, our drummachine, used as a drumset since we don’t have a drummer, was designed using PD (a.k.a. Pure Data) and a lot of ready-made stuff from the community. Our next adventure on that field is our (still top secret) Videoclip. We can only say it’s being developed with Processing. Me and Michel are doing the programming (he is a real programmer b.t.w.).

Well, I guess this is pretty much everything we said so far in this blog. If you need more info, step by from time to time or ask for info in english, I’ll be glad to provide…

Just a reminder. Always check our youtube channel. Our myspace page will be filled with nice stuff as soon as we have the CD ready.

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